Is it true that all beings were equal and repetitive?

@gengeni (3308)
December 1, 2010 4:24am CST
I was never sick and unconscious or asleep or passed out I did not know for sure. At the moment did not realize that I experienced a strange occurrence, the shadow of the past repeats itself, all the pain I have ever felt too repetitive, it's very hard to bear. At that time I thought I was not alive in the world again and be in another world. There is also a picture that all objects and living beings, or anything else is the same. So at that time there were only three kinds of substances: 1. God 2. Bible 3. A creation of God. The third is what turned into the universe and humans. There is a picture I had to find something similar from something different. If the answer is met, I will be out of the incident. Then there are whispers that told me to let go of everything, including the torture I was going through. After I resigned, it turns out I got back and got a duty to apologize to the people.
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