www.filesonic.com legit or scam.

@tenrajj (911)
December 1, 2010 1:55pm CST
Hi, recently i came across a website www.filesonic.com.It is a pay per download site. It says that we can earn money by uploading files into the website when others downloads the file that we have uploaded. The amount that we are going get get will depend upon the size of the file that we have uploaded and the location of the person who downloads it. So i am not really sure if they are paying or not. Review and discuss here please.
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3 Dec 11
Sad to say that filesonic is a scam. I tested it and only 1 out of 31 unique downloads was paid (1 ct). You can easily check it by using a url-shortener (f.e. goo.gl - but you gotta be signed-up to see the stats). In those stats I had 20 downloaders from the US, 10 from UK and about 100 from other countries. I got responses from 16 US-Dowloaders about my Downloadcontent, 7 from the UK and 8 from other countries so I knew they looked at it (pretty unique!). The counted Download was from the Netherlands. And ALL of the filehosters do the same - no exception! Some worse - some not so bad... Try it out. Use a forum and ask for responses for your data and check the stats.
1 Jan 12
I don't know its scam or not related to earnings, but what i figure out is when i try to download any file, download speed in middle start to decrease and ultimately interrupted and stop. Mean i got corrupted incomplete file. It happen every time when i try to download file. As for earning source all of these type of file hosting sites useless, I try this longtime ago for file hosting and Image hosting sited, All waste of time and my net bandwidth
• Netherlands
22 Feb 12
Filesonic changed it's services (read limited and changed them drastically) without proper notice to users, nor providing a possibility to change plan, etc. Also if you choose to opt for 1 month only, think twice - you are (without proper notice) automatically subscribed with auto renewal and hence they just keep debiting money and charging even if you are not aware nor using their service any longer. Scam and theft are the first things that come in mind, though that would be not fair to share that here. At least you know your position as customer.
@menulis (468)
• Indonesia
5 Aug 11
hi tenrajj, I found this discussion from the internet with keyword filesonic scam. I read you have been in filesonic more than 9 months, so I think you have the answer now, is filesonic scam or not? please shre your experience in this site because I am a new member of filesonic. thanks
@tenrajj (911)
• Bhutan
5 Aug 11
Hi menulis, I was once a member of filesonic and i was wondering if it was true. I started the discussion but no body from mylot responded letting me think that none of mylot members are member of filesonic which probably means that it is not really popular site and which could be scam. So then i left uploading files there and I now don't even remember my login and password. That is what I have to share as of now.
• Malaysia
2 Sep 11
Hi tenrajj, yes Filesonic do pay for their members. See my profile for my earning from them.