Do you still buy CDs for your music or do you just buy mp3s?

United States
December 1, 2010 9:48pm CST
Nowadays it seems everyone downloads there music from itunes or somewhere like that instead of buying CDs. While it's true that downloading it from itunes is a lot cheaper, I prefer buying the CDs since I'm a collector (or something like that) and I like having a physical copy of my music. How about all of you? Do you buy CDs or just Mp3s or a mix of both?
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2 Dec 10
I love to buy CDs. I have over 260 CDs and like to keep updated with how many I have in my collection. I do download Music but if I like something I download I will get the CD.
2 Dec 10
Yes , we like to download instead of buying the CDs, but it also depends,when i found a cd that i like very much ,or by my favorite singer ,like Jolin (you may don't know her ,for she is only a singer in Taiwan,but i really love it ,and i have all her CDs )i buy cd only for collection ,just like you ...