Who Has A Youtube Account ??

December 2, 2010 2:42am CST
Hi people just wondering who on here has a youtube account would love to see videos people have made i for one have a youtube channel but needs to be updated and sorted out if you want to see go to www.youtube.com/1stnameconnel i have a new channel with nothing on it atm but am hoping to turn it into a games channel reviews talks questions etc called www.youtube.com/1stnamegaymer also a film one also going to be made not sure on a name yet but if anyone has any tips or questions they would like to ask me please go right ahead and i will put them into one of my videos still thinking of opening one channel for questions or may just turn 1stnameconnel into a ask Connel channel lol anyways keep in touch and look forward to seeing your videos ^_^
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• Philippines
2 Dec 10
I have an account but i haven't uploaded any videos yet. I'm subscribed into a number of channels that got my interest and am constantly waiting for updates from them.
@csabiCZ (194)
• Romania
2 Dec 10
Same as me have a youtube channel for about 2 years but i haven't uploaded anything yet and i don't even plan to,it's not my interest.But i love to watch funny videos and post comments on it and rate and so on.I'm subscribed to many popular channels like Machinima,Raywilliamjohnson and so on... Have a nice day!
3 Dec 10
Hi there thanks for your response and that's cool I mainly watch tones of videos on there as my favourite history is more than full. Hopefully will be updating my own videos soon to make my channel a bit more interesting ^_^
@pokumon (647)
• United States
4 Dec 10
I have a youtube account with no uploads. My sister has one under www.youtube.com/AAFEO and I am in her latest video, Fistin the Night Away. I am the one in the multicolored shirt. That music video was a lot of fun to make. We shot in Venice, California. There was a Tiger Woods PSA that we shot in New York too, but I guess my sister took it down. It's on Funny or Die; just type in Tiger Woods PSA and it will come up. I actually speak in that one!
4 Dec 10
Hi there just had look at the gusting the night away video brilliant love it lol will look at the tiger woods one in a mo thank you for responding ^_^
@grangeke (112)
• Belgium
4 Jan 11
I got a Youtube account feel free to check it but it's nothing much : http://www.youtube.com/user/grangeke?feature=mhum Anyways i subbed to your channel since as you'll notice i'm a gamer and you noted you'd make a game channel so i can't wait to see what you'll be doing mate.
@theshun (165)
• India
7 Dec 10
hi Dude, I have an account in Youtube. But i do not have any videos for upload in Youtube. Even though if i have videos i prefer not to upload it in Youtube as i really do not want to share other than my friends. Bye for now and have a good day!!