Can we link other sites to mylot?

@Suzieqmom (2763)
United States
December 2, 2010 6:09am CST
I have started writing for a couple of online writing/publishing sites, and have had a couple of articles published. Under their rules, I am allowed to link the articles to any social networking sites I belong to. So can I link them to my mylot profile page? Or is that a violation of mylot rules? And how do I link them? I read over the mylot guidelines, but I have never linked any sites before (I am still very new to all of this online earning stuff) and am still very confused. Any help is appreciated!
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• Philippines
2 Dec 10
Dear i am not sure about that question. I do not know how to help you dear because we have the same concern. I hope other will gonna help you and respond soon to your concern. Thanks
@mysdianait (65167)
• Italy
2 Dec 10
My response below might be helpful to you too
• United States
2 Dec 10
Suzie- I've always been reserve about referring people to articles I've written on threads. I do have websites posted on my profile, but if a topic comes up that I may have written on I tend to find other articles to post so as not to engage in anything that might be interpreted as self-promotion. It's sad though because a few articles that my husband wrote years ago would have answered a thread on here but again I wanted to not cause any issues if someone decided to report it as "self-promotion". I would simply do as Diana suggested and place links on your profile that take the person directly to your profile at those sites so they can read your writings. Some sites even have nice banners that you can simply copy the html tag to and insert into your profile. Namaste-Anora