is finding ways to make money online like surfing in the blue sea with sharks

December 2, 2010 2:31pm CST
there are tons and ways to make money online. some is free and some you have to pay. some are scams and some are legitimate. the internet world is getting more and more dangerous. some people make money out of desperate people, we cant say they are bad. but i have to say they are smart. once i bought from a website and the only product i got was the same website this guy have. at first i thought it was scam. then i realize, this guy is really smart. he din't lie to me, he really taught me how to make money online. but are these the things we really want to do? i have been searching online for some time ways to earn money, and i see danger everywhere. it is so hard to find legitimate jobs. Anna can be saying bad things about this particular website, but there comes John to say good things about it. so we really don't know who to believe. is it really that hard to find ways to work hard and earn money online?
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