New anime (Proud for Thai mangaka)

December 2, 2010 9:53pm CST
Yes I post about the new anime created by J.C.staff the famous Japanese anime production and Kantana the famous Thai anime production is the co-worker.This anime don't have schedule to on-air somebody think It will on air in spring 2011.Yup I'm meaning Sangdao milady manga rent shop in Thai edition or Ojou-sama Wa Otaku-Chan in Japanese edition.THis story written in Light novel edition this story tell about the love relation about The unlucky boy who is the employee in manga store and the genius girl who is the master.This story is love-comedy and parody like Gintama.I ever read in Thai manga edition.the writer is writing very good like Hayate No gotoku. But The bad point is many old people in Thailand can't reciept it because the main heroine is about 14 years old only.But this anime is the proud of Thai anime group at last.Because seiyuu will come from both Thai and Japanese.I am glad because Rie Kugimiya will voice this story too.She voice as Tennos Azumi the master of Tennosuki manga store.
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