how much you earned in wikinut?

December 2, 2010 10:02pm CST
i have 40+ articles in wiki but i earned very low just 0.003 a day, even i got 100 views how about you guys tell about your experienced in wiki .. do you earn good?
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• Philippines
3 Dec 10
well i am not a member in that site that is is why i never earned in wikinut. by the way what is that???
• Singapore
3 Dec 10
At last, I see someone talking about Wikinut. I've written at least 6 articles and reviews and I just received payment from them last month, as they've lowered their minimum payout in celebration of Deepavali. I think it's going to last for 3 months and after that, back to 5 Pounds.
• India
3 Dec 10
Hi, I registered in Wikinut and Triond a few months ago. But it didn't take me much time to realize that neither of them was going to earn me anything. So I gave up both to join another site In this site I republished most of the articles I wrote for Triond and Wikinut. Though I am not dependent on my referrals, but there are 2-3 very active referrals under me. Ans I help them to make sure they can make the most of this site. This is a form of gratitude that I offer to them. Sometimes when the inform me about some problem, I write articles to address that problem and distribute the links among my referrals. I also write regular comments on the articles that my referrals publish there. Both Wikinut and Triond sends huge traffic to your articles but they don't pay you as much as you expect. Triond publishes its articles in different places which makes your earning a bit unpredictable. I am happy with this site I am currently in. I sometimes apply SEO to my writings which brings huge traffic to my articles. I am doing good now. Thanks. God bless you.