Funerals and wakes why so painful!!!

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December 3, 2010 10:15am CST
When u look at what funerals and wakes are suppose to be for why should they always seem to be filled with so much pain! If you find yourself going to k e typically it is a friend or a family member that you are going to see. They had to have ment something to you or else you wouldn't be there! So again why so much lain and crying! When o go honest I want there to be joys and laughter! If you are going to shed a tear for me don't make it one that makes people feel bad do it cause the jokes we will not further share but make shire that it is joyous! But please don't hold on to the crying instead fill it with laughter of jokes we shared and the fact that you saw me with make up on! I will let everyone know at my wake there will be jokes because I will make sure if it!
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3 Dec 10
Actually from what I understand births we are suppose to be sad with as the child is now born to the world and passing's we are suppose to be joyous as they are returning to the kingdom of God. However we are humans and we concentrate on no longer seeing the person, so we cry and sorrow feeling like we will no longer have the wonderful person with us. But like you I have always stated that when I pass, I would like all to celebrate as I will finding getting peaceful rest. Now if people could remember that I so truly would enjoy and be happy about getting flowers now that I am alive and not later after I pass, I can't.
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4 Dec 10
I am telling u when I go there will be a jaganator somewhere near my coffin