Salary Increment

@Lance26 (957)
December 3, 2010 11:43am CST
Why do some companies don't know when to give what is due for their employee? I've been working for 3 years straight and until now my salary is still the same since I started. I must know that the business is running smoothly, there are a lot of projects passing by my table to arrange a Job Order for each one, checks were also coming constantly, phones were always busy for inquiries and follow-ups. Come on global crisis never hurt us a bit. I don't have any problems with the management as far as relationship is concern. It's just that they cant seem to appreciate our hard works and dedications to our jobs. Yes we're receiving bonus during Christmas, they are also throwing party yearly but don't you think we also deserve for a salary increase? Thou I'm not quite sure about the others I know in myself I deserve to be incremented. Now my 3-year contract is about to end, I'll definitely seek a much greener pasture.
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