find the meaning yourself ...!

@cssiduyz (1054)
December 4, 2010 3:56am CST
A few days later, I'm a lot to get 'scolding, scolding' light on a matter. Initially a few months ago while I was enjoying coffee, suddenly conceived the idea to write a thing. But as usual, I was then busy doing other things and forget the idea. This is actually a single form of questions: "WHO ME?"
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@Suggar (3612)
• Bulgaria
4 Dec 10
Hello friend, i'm not sure that young people understand why are they on this land and what is the meaning of their life. When i was teen i was thinking - i'm here to help the other people. When i am grown up now, i'm thinking ... to help the others, who will help to myself (because i have a lot of problems right now). I don't know or i'm just not sure why am i on this land, but i know that some day i'll realize it. I hope it will be some good reason, to help the others, to be positive, to make all around to smile all the time. But first of all, i know that if i want all that to be true, i have to reach my own goals, which will make me happy. I need to be happy before i start giving.