Meeting God And Learning Rajyoga Meditation.

December 4, 2010 9:00am CST
Hello Mylotters! Did you know,that One Website on Internet Called Gives you True Knowledge Of : 1]Who God Actually Is?How he looks,what he does,where he Resides? 2]Who we Actually Are?where we came from,what is the purpose of life,Who supreme soul is,what soul is? 3]How to detach yourself from your physical body and xpeirience yourself as soul and connect to supreme soul or God,how to get rid of fear,anxieties,tension and achieve peace and bliss in life,how to develope positive attitude,Aura? And much more invaluable knowledge absolutely Free.My friends,just visit this site to see for yourself.Brahmakumaris have over 5000 Meditation centres around the world in about 125 countries,where meditation is taught free of cost.Thank u and post your replies about this site.God Bless.
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@sanjay91422 (2728)
• India
4 Dec 10
Hello, I know the Brahmakumaris. I have visited there center in Palampur in Himachal Pradesh. I don't know if I like their teachings or not because I am confused with their content. They say that present world is going to end because people are becoming more corrupt and blah blah. They don't solve the problem by telling the people that they are corrupt and the world is going to end. I think the real solution is not there. If you are a blind believer then you can follow this society. It is not a human nature to leave everything and become like them. According to Geeta one must follow the Karma and what they teach is not Karma. That is the way to run from your real responsibility. I don't ask you not follow them, I think everyone have their freedom do chose whatever they want to chose. Have a nice day ahead.