concern the toothbrush and how to brush

December 4, 2010 12:16pm CST
Is the way you brush teeth right? Generally, brushing teeth is in horizontal movement. it can be said it is wrong. The way to brush the teeth in tooth surface facing out (to cheek) and into (to tongue)must be in around movement. Firs, put the hair brush on the limit placed on the gum with a tilted position. By a soft pressure on the gum then move the hair brush to the top of the teeth. The soft pressure is for massage to facilitate blood flow.
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@tck_01 (97)
4 Dec 10
I think we all have our own way of brushing our teeth... Most people do it horizontally, although some start vertically before they go horizontal... I would say it's important to brush the back side of teeth, something a lot of people don't do...