Have you ever used dual sim card mobile phone?

December 5, 2010 8:00am CST
I have observed some of my friends really enjoy to use dual sim card in his mobile phone.. According to him, he will save lots of space in his pocket compare with have to use two mobile phone..Besides those two cards , he still using other blackberry phone for business data purposes.. So I think this will depends on what type of user are we.. Even though those dual phone is really useful but sometimes we will get disturbed when there's two important call ring at the same time...How about you? have you ever had experience to use dual sim card on your mobile phone?
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@zaga_cleuth (1412)
• Philippines
23 Dec 10
I laughe after reading your discussion. Currently, I'm using one dual sim phone and a blackberry. And the reason is because I don't want it to be so baggy. I'm subscribing 3 different networks. I found it so difficult for me if I'll be using 3 phones. I have my blackberry for important business purposes too. Like what you had described. Dual sim phones are so cool. Minimizes the space needed everytime I go out and have to bring my phones. But, if coincidence that both sims receive calls then it "which sims receive the first call?". That's one of the problem. But, in total, it is great.
@youless (91492)
• Guangzhou, China
8 Dec 10
I have never used a dual sim card mobile phone before. Since I just have one sim card and it is not necessary for me to have a extra sim card. So it means nothing that I will use this kind of mobile phone. I love China
• India
8 Dec 10
Dual Sim card phones are a boon in today's times where you have a lot of phone companies with multiple attractive plans. Moreover you can purchase a normal phone plan from one company and internet plan from another to reduce your costs. Also with the reduction of cell phone towers due to their adverse health effects, the signals from most of the phone companies have drastically reduced. To be available all the time and remain connected, you need to subscribe to different companies.
@nainesh1 (1657)
• India
6 Dec 10
I have the dual sim phone and I bought it recently from my online earnings. I do use second no for most outgoing calls as it has cheap plan and I don,t loose any calls to my first number too.
@sajujohn (1009)
• India
5 Dec 10
Even though I have used 9 mobiles till now I still haven't used a mobile phone with dual sim.Every time when I get into the shop to buy a mobile I opt for dual sim but when I check out from the shop there will be only single sim phone with me.I don't know why I am doing so.But after that I would think that "To buy a dual sim phone would be a better option....".
@mustread (225)
• Bulgaria
5 Dec 10
I haven't own such telephone , but tons of my friends do and they are always busy. I don't like it , but for some it might be useful