Grandpa's Take On Oil Price Hike

@Lance26 (957)
December 5, 2010 9:10am CST
Just recently my 65 year old, gray haired grandpa was complaining about the oil price hike while reading the news paper in the terrace, ofcourse alongside his favorite sugarfree hot black coffee. Yes, at his age he could still find time to update himself on the current issues and never skip a single day without passing in to his vintage glass (with thick lenses) the latest report of the daily bulletin. I do not know what with the Gasoline is why most on his age group I know are more anxious about considering no one among them owns a car or vehicle to fill it to. And the funny part was they were acting as if they lost a big portion of their pension due to unexplained deductions. I must be commending the old man for he knows a single dollar increase in Oil per barrel will produce domino effect as it surely brings adverse outcome in the industrial and agricultural commodity. And in the end he will be affected after all. I can understand his sentiments and good intentions but he's way too hold to handle it not to mention we got no power to prevent it from happening. All I can do is to lend my ears to him everytime he needed someone to release his disappointments with. Honestly, I get annoyed sometimes especially when he constantly whining even in front of the dining table. Mylotters, do you have anything to say how to deal with it? I may add News Black-out is not possible.
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