Loose Change..........

United States
December 5, 2010 4:02pm CST
My job doesn't pay crap anymore and no paid Holidays and it sux!! We will be off 2 weeks during Christmas with no pay, and that is sad but the only thing is I love my hours there and the people I work with it is so laid back but I don't know how long I can continue with job we were off the week of Thanksgiving We only worked 2 days out of that week and got an 8 hour paycheck and I found myself trying to look for loose change just to get things I needed from the store, would you feel embarrased or do you feel embarassed when you have to go to the store with change?
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5 Dec 10
Im in the same situation as you with work, no work no pay, but to be honest I wouldnt be embarrased paying with loose change, I used to work in a shop and around christmas time you gets lots of people paying with lots of change because they have been saving their change all year to help with christmas, so dont worry, they may think you are just getting rid of the money you saved. And let me tell you I loved it when people paid with change as you always needed change in the tills, so your actually helping the cashier!
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7 Dec 10
Okay thanks for the response and now I don't feel so embarassed and Have a good day!!
@paula27661 (15899)
• Australia
9 Dec 10
I don’t like paying with all small change but I am not embarrassed by it because I have seen plenty of people do it at the store. I’ve been in situations where I struggled to find enough cash around the house for whatever I may need and it’s amazing how happy you can feel at finding a one dollar coin! I would not hesitate to use whatever cash I have and not worry too much about others’ opinions.
@Louc74 (620)
6 Dec 10
I would say I used to, but when you've been through a time where cash has been tight, you stop feeling embarrassed. Why should you, anyway? At least you're not doing what the "honourable" people at the top of the tree are doing, and living off of others. They should be ashamed. Money is money. If it's legal tender, then you are, as others have said, probably doing the shopkeeper a favour by keeping him in change. Also, I would imagine most people who are working in shops also know what it's like trying to keep the wolf from the door sometimes. I don't know if you do any crafts or anything like that, but if you do, you should check out Etsy, or Folksy in the UK - it's a market place for people to sell their work, and you can charge fair prices as well. Worth a little look for some extra cash, especially at this time of year, when people are looking for something a bit more special to give as gifts.
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6 Dec 10
I do feel embarrassed going with so much change! I actually will apologize to the cashier at least three times for having so much change while I'm checking out.
@stevieboi19 (1429)
5 Dec 10
I wouldn't use the word embarrassed as such I do find it annoying though fiddling with change and slowly counting up the penny's. I remember when I was younger how I used to walk into a shop with a pound in penny's and the shopkeepers just look at you and they always decided to believe that I had the right amount of money so they didn't bother counting it. Guess innocence of youth was a good thing.
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5 Dec 10
I used to but you know what you must think of the fact that you are paying for the item in cash you are not putting it on a credit card or standing in line @ a food pantry. Though there is no shame in either way really, one has to do what they have to do with the means they have available to them. Though I will say I love it when people give me a good chunk in change @ my work saves me from opening a roll. Just so long as it's not several dollars in tiny coins, you know the person who brings the kids' piggy bank in and dumps it on the counter & says how much money do I have...