Newts and amphibians

@Vantri (42)
December 5, 2010 6:36pm CST
Hello myLotters! As a newt owner I'm curious if anyone else here on myLot own any newt(s) or any other kind of amphibian. If you do, what kind of amphibian/newt do you own? How long have you had it/them? Why did you decide to get one? For myself, I've always loved amphibians and it was actually my mom that one day got one newt. But then my interest grew and I couldn't settle to have just one newt so I got one more, then one more and then eventually one more so I'm up to four of them now. They're Japanese fire-belly Newts and are incredibly adorable. Every time I walk past the tank at least one of them (most of the time the same called Toothless) comes forward to say hi, which is really nice.
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