@chowee (517)
December 6, 2010 4:12pm CST
HELLO MYLOTTERS!!!! I am new to this site. The site is like mturk that paids you whenever you complete a certain job. I am bothered whether this site is a scam site or not because their jobs is so easy and their rewards is to big enough for a job to do.. In an average, one job you will do will rewarded you for $0.19 but again the jobs is so easy.. Anyone have tried this site???? Their cash out is at $50.. Is this scam or not?? Thankz!!
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@alienstar (5140)
• India
8 Dec 10
What is the site name ? as i tried the above mytester and it doesn't take to the actual site. When you say that it is also like MTurk, i got little excited as Mturk has paid me more times till now and if i also can find any other site like Mturk it would be really good.But the above site you mentioned is already gone i guess as site is not loading now
@chowee (517)
• Philippines
8 Dec 10
the site is