Maybe there is a way of making money here fast.

December 6, 2010 8:51pm CST
If it is true that the more responses to your discussions have, the more it earns, then why not make a lot of friends here and make a give and take agreement. Meaning, whenever I start a discussion, if possible, all of my friends will response, and in return, I will also response to their started discussions. In that way, each of our discussions will have plenty of responses. If you believe that this is effective, then you might as well invite me as your friend.
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@hushi22 (4940)
7 Dec 10
that is a good idea from a newbie pal. =) post a lot of quality discussions + respond to many quality discussions (ones that wont be deleted by the admin) + do some tasks
• Philippines
7 Dec 10
I'll do that although it is hard work on my brain since I'm not that good in english.