Burlesque: What can you say about the movie?

@CMTS_87 (1342)
December 7, 2010 3:21am CST
Burlesque is a 2010 contemporary musical film directed and written by Steven Antin and starring Cher and Christina Aguilera. The film was released on November 24, 2010 in North America. It was announced that both Cher and Aguilera would contribute to the soundtrack album with Christina contributing to eight out of the ten songs with Cher taking the remaining two. The album was released in the USA on November 22, 2010. *The movie will be shown early next year to the rest of the world and I'm so very excited to see it. So to those who already watched the movie, what can you say about it? Thanks in advance for your responses! Happy MyLotting!
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• United States
16 Feb 11
I enjoyed the movie. It is a definate "chick flick". I believe this film would not be considered great by anyone's standards. I did find it entertaining though. I enjoyed the story. My impression after seeing it was -even though there were well known celebs in the film it still seemed low budget.
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@CMTS_87 (1342)
• Philippines
21 Mar 11
For a not so big film production company, Burlesque is not a low budget film. Thanks for the response! Happy MyLotting!
@arunr175 (1680)
• India
18 May 12
I have seen Burlesque and I didn't like at all, it was a boring film to watch. Christina Aguilera fans might like this film, I got bored watching this film ...
@lady1993 (16863)
• Philippines
18 May 12
I loved this movie- Christina Aguilera, Cher and Kristen Bell were so good in this. I loved the songs and the dances.. Cam Gigandet acted well too- and the other guy. Loved the end song.
@shaggin (36666)
• United States
31 Jan 12
I havent watched it but I think I did see it at my local library. My friend was over tonight and told me that she had borrowed it from the library and that it was a really good movie. I will probably borrow it over the next few weeks to see what its like. She said it was a very girly movie. I love chick flicks lol so it sounds good for me.
15 Dec 11
it was a great movie, if you have the opportunity to see it, i would take that and see it right away!