Acne is not because of chocolate

December 7, 2010 8:36am CST
Who does not love chocolate? Especially on Valentine's Day. Many people think that chocolate is the cause or the growth of acne. Adolescents are so afraid to eat chocolate because they think it could cause acne. A skin specialist stated acne occurs not because of food but due to hormonal influences. Even hereditary factors also contribute to the occurrence of acne. So what do you think? Do you have a problem with acne? It's better you eat papaya leaf. It works for me.
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@louievill (18640)
• Philippines
7 Dec 10
Yes it's caused by hormonal changes especially teens aggravated by a poor diet that is too rich in animal fat,mixed with dirt the clogged pore becomes infected by a microorganism or a bacteria called staphylococus aureus (aureus refers to golden so the pus is sometimes color yellow). By the way, chocolate is a good source or anti oxidants
• India
7 Dec 10
don't you think some people don't face acne problem in life whatever they eat?
@mhypie03 (684)
• Philippines
5 Jan 11
I usually get this due to stress and wrong sleeping patterns. For more than 2 years I have suffered severe acne problem. I used to have clear white skin but before graduating they all popped up. I have gone several sessions spending thousands of bucks. Momentarily they went away then they would come back. It was tiring, frustrating and disappointing. Late last year, on the midst of my sessions, I came across an online store in Facebook selling this beauty set that helps improve skin against pimple, marks and blemishes. Surprisingly, it only took a week for a great chance to become visible which is the guaranteed result. Right now, my skin is close to perfect thanks to the beauty set and Anionic strip that controls my skin imperfections. I have 2 dried up acnes and an about to lose blemishes plus whitened skin.
@MegiMK (266)
• Canada
27 Dec 10
Acne is too complex a problem to be blamed only on one thing. Usually it's due to a mix of hormonal changes, poor diet and allergies. Also, please remember not to touch your face as the natural oils plus bacteria on your hands can additionally clog your pores / cause inflammation.
@lady1993 (17415)
• Philippines
10 Dec 10
I love chocolate, but there is a really small percentage of people who doesn't. Yes, you are right, I heard it from a doctor on tv that chocolates and oily foods do not cause acne- it's just your body(whether it releases oils too much and if you've got bug pores..)
@jpso138 (7844)
• Philippines
9 Dec 10
I do not think that eating chocolates can cause acne problems. It entirely depends on the person's age as well as genetic factors. There are those that are really prone to acne most especially if they are always exposed to dust and other environmental factors. Luckily, when I was still a teenage, I did not have much of those acne problems. Of course, as a teenager, I have encountered them but it was not so alarming.
@buggles64 (2715)
• United States
7 Dec 10
I believe that a poor diet can contribute to poor skin conditions. I do know though, that acne is a cause of hormonal changes, and that's why you see more adolescents with acne than adults. There bodies are going through some crazy changes! I know women will experience acne during certain stages of the month. I also think hereditary has a large part to do with who gets acne and who doesn't.
• India
7 Dec 10
i eat lots of chocolate but i don't have acne.i used a herbal home made remedy to cure my acne when i was 16 and now i am 19 i don't have acne problem.