Being the eldest

@acey76 (1278)
December 8, 2010 6:57pm CST
Being the eldest to the siblings has a great responsibilities? are you the eldest in your family. Can you share instances that comes along by being the eldest? thanks for your response
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@chayapathys (2113)
• India
10 Dec 10
We are eight .. three brothers and five sisters and I am the eldest of the lot.As you I had great responsibilities cast on me in bringing the younsters. My father was lawyer clerk drawin meagre salary and therefore I had to supplement his income to maintain the family.So I had to start earning at the early age of 19.I had to get my sisters married and also educate my two younger brothers.You can imagine my responsibilities.I am now 75 plus. I discharged all my duties well and I am a happy man now.When I recolect the hardships I had to face I realise it is worth taking so many trouble.I have immense satisfaction.I also feel that God, in His wisdom,chose me to take up so many responsibilities.How many are lucky to do so many good things as I have done in my life
@hushi22 (4940)
9 Dec 10
i am the youngest in the family, but i really look up high to our eldest. he is like a father to us. he is very good yet strict. he is responsible and understanding. for me he is a perfect brother. =)
@shia88 (4582)
• Malaysia
9 Dec 10
Hi, I am not the eldest in my family. I have one eldest sister and two eldest brothers. Be it, I am the youngest in my family and my parents do pampered me alot,but I still show my care and love to all of them. Since my sister is the eldest in the family, she is a good sister of me. When we were young, although we have large different in age,she still play with me and of course, we will quarrel sometimes,pull hairs,etc... but we still love each other so much. Now, we have our own family and although I am staying far away from my sister, but we have very close relationship with each other. We also chat online when we are free. Everytime when I am going back to my hometown, my sister will cook nice food for me to eat or even treat my family for dinner or lunch. Not to forget, I will her some present once a year. As we grow older, our relationship is getting better and better. Also with my brothers, we have very close relationship. We will contact each other through phone. We always keep in touch. I miss my siblings alot...and also my parents. Hope to see them soon.
@TheAdvocate (2395)
• Philippines
9 Dec 10
I am the eldest of four and the only girl. Growing up, I was responsible for my brothers, mostly in the aspect of discipline. My mother would always tell me to talk to them about their latest mischievous adventure. I had to shop for their needs (with my parents money because they were both OFWs) and see to it that they had everything they needed. At the same time, the boys came to me for advice on almost anything. It's tough being the eldest, at the same time it is all worth it when they make you realize how important you are to them. I sometimes got notes from my brothers saying thank you.
@sender621 (14956)
• United States
9 Dec 10
I know what you mean about the responsibilities of being the eldest sibling. it is not a job we ask for. it is something we are born into. I am the eldest of four children. Even when you don't do something wrong, the blame seems to shift to the eldest child. The eldest child should have been able to do something or so parents think. Sometimes it can be fun to be the eldest. It can make you feel important at times. yet there are times when you would like to give the job to someone else.