Vito Bratta - Where are you now?

December 9, 2010 12:15am CST
Vito Bratta - Where are you now? If you were already aware of the music scene back in the 80s then you'd most probably have already heard of White Lion. They were the band that popularized "When the children cry", "'til death do us part", "radar love" and many other songs that you probably have to dig up in order to hear it. Have you heard of Vito Bratta? He was the guitarist of this band. He dropped out of the music scene completely and no one really knows the reason why. which fueled the many rumors about this enigmatic guitarist. Vito Bratta was a fantastic player who knew how to play within the boundaries of the song and still sound amazing. He knew all the tricks of the trade during that time. Legato, sweep picking, tapping, you name it, he did it. Unlike Eddie Van Halen, Nuno Bettencourt or Slash, Vito was not the most recognized guitar player then. In fact, he only really achieved cult status fame and only the most die hard fans recall the name and the man behind the White Lion magic. The world lost a brilliant musician when he stepped off the stage and disappeared into obscurity. Aside from a Radio interview in 2007, he has not been heard of again. Oh Vito Bratta, where are you now? We miss you.
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