Do you think your a nice person ? ... too nice or not nice ?

@trulyn (19)
December 9, 2010 8:43am CST
I do tend to do a little more than needed without getting compensated for it (event a compliment), sometimes too nice is just too nice.
2 responses
• Philippines
9 Dec 10
Hmmn, I don't think I'm too nice...I'm really outspoken and if I feel that somebody is taking advantage of me I speak my mind..."Don't step on people but don't let other people step on you"...
• South Korea
9 Dec 10
Well I think I am nice to other... if and only if they are nice to me too... coz sometimes what happen is "somebody will remember you just because they need something from you" I dont really like those kind of people..I tried to stay away as much as possible.... yea I know people are people and maybe somebody will think that we are just using each other..but still everybody has a choice:)