all that glitters is not gold

December 9, 2010 8:43am CST
this is a very famous saying that all that glitters is not gold and we also use this saying several times in our conversations.this quote means that what we sometimes see ,what we feel to be most attractive is not of that worth it might look beautiful from the outside or it might be of our liking but from the inside it is of no use.. similarly just by seeing a person who is very attractive or handsome we cannot say that he is genius..there are many people in the world who are handsome but there knowledge and communication skills are very the same manner there are also people who are not very attractive with there looks but when it comes to knowledge they are simply genius,so this states that we should not go on the looks of the person but on the knowledge....friends lets have some of your views on this...
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• Philippines
9 Dec 10
The saying is true. Regarding sales representatives, there are a lot who uses glittery words but the actual product they're selling is actually overrated. I never liked those sales personnels. They irritate me a lot even when they're still just about to approach me.