benefits of water exercise

@cssiduyz (1054)
December 9, 2010 8:40pm CST
Who think that exercising in water are so many benefits. In addition to obtaining fitness, even under stress in the brain of a stroke or Parkinson's, can also be overcome with a model like this sport. But unfortunately, many people do not know why and how the sport of water can rehabilitate and make the body fit. Unless it also can lower cholesterol and weight. From the health standpoint, water is a very good medium to do injury healing therapy - either mild or severe or tissue. Also for the healing of injuries from sports and competitive health or because of job-related tasks. Also, water is also a good medium for cross training in the prevention of a disease. Therefore, for purposes of rehabilitation and fitness benefits of exercise in the water more than exercise on land. In addition, the exercises in the water is safe to restore muscle weakness, restore joint or limb swelling, increased durability in general. When entering into the water, the body can move more freely and more easily than on land. This is made possible by the presence of buoyancy, the upward pressure by the water body where we go. Buoyancy is opposite the Earth's attraction. Because buoyancy is also, increasingly in person in the water, the greater the pressure drop and the power of body weight pressure on all joints and at the plate between the vertebrae.
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3 Feb 11
There are numerous positive effects of swimming. However, I will only name the main reasons because of the incredibly long list. First of all, water exercise is an aerobic sport. With the correct type of drills and sets, one can achieve strong lungs, developed muscles, and a toned body. This is the main goal of swimmers. Most swimmers know about Michael Phelps. For those that do not know who he is, Phelps is the most recently ranked number one olympic gold medalist in swimming. His purpose of swimming is to live. He makes a living off swimming. He is set for life; however, he aims to continue his legacy. Another main purpose of swimming is to simply stay healthy. Water exercise is less dangerous than other sports, and can be better exercise than most sports as well. It can help heal heal you from certain physical diseases. Swimming is overall beneficial. =)
@buli23 (550)
• India
20 Jan 11
I think when we swim in water all the parts of our body move well. So all the part are come in exercise. In the swimming time our hands, legs, neck etc. had to move continuously, so through swimming we can decrease the prone of many disease.
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10 Dec 10
Exercising in water can be very helpful for so many people. I had as very good friend who was loosing weight working out in water it helped her not be in so much pain when working out due to her being rather overweight. I like working out in the water too because I have FMS which makes it hard for me to work out so working out in water makes things easier on my body.