Tattoos and swimming

December 9, 2010 10:25pm CST
Ok, so I need advice. A bunch of my co-workers and I are planning to get tattoos. Never mind what they are, but they are symbollic and meaningful for us and it's something I really want to do. Here's my problem. One of my other jobs is teachign sw imming lessons. I am only in the pool 1.5 hours per week, but I never have more than like 10 days in a row off. I have heard that you can't swim for up to 4 weeks after getting a tattoo. Is there anyone here who has eperience in this? There is NO way for me to not be in the pool, but I want to get this tattoo. Is there something I can put on it to protect it while I swim? Here is some detail as to what the tattoo will be. It will be small, probably on my leg, about 2 square inches and it will be color. I'm not sure which direction I need to be going in here and really need some advice. And please, I already know what the internet says, wait 2 weeks, wait 6 weeks, never swim again. Whatever. I am looking for somoen with firsthand knowledge.
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@Boyetski (989)
• Philippines
10 Dec 10
Well friend I dont have a tattoo and I seldom swim. But as I've red from infinite tattoo.wordpress is that swmming and new tattoo cant go together. It's said that you have to step away from the pool for atleast two weeks..