I have a question about the public and private grade schools in Karachi

United States
December 10, 2010 2:57am CST
Hello, I am in the US, and I need to find specific information about both public and private grade schools in Karachi. My son (age 10), has ADHD, Bi-Polar, and is ODD. This has been a long hard road that I have been working on getting him stabilized sense Kindergarten, now he is finally in regular classes, on stable med.s, on the A and B honor roll, and finally making friends. Even earning honorable mentions in both the art and invention contests. Not to mention last year he only missed one question on the state TAKS tests. I am so proud of the progress he has made. However, in the process of getting my husbands visa approved for the US, the embassy wants to know why the kids and I can't just go and live over there (in Karachi). One of my main concerns is the schools. My husband tells me that even in the private schools, there is no room or patience for children that cannot be right on the ball all the time. This is exactly the type of "box" type scenario that my son seriously declines in. He needs steady reinforcement and frequent reminders to stay on task. Are there any programs in the Karachi schools that allow for regular (or even advanced, as my son is in a.p. math and reading) classes for children that need just a little extra attention in the class with out being ostracized by the teacher? If anyone can send me links to published articles about this that would be great, I have searched online and have only been able to find some thesis papers written a couple of years ago. I need current information, maybe even a letter from a teacher or principle in a Karachi school on how they deal with children that have ADHD. Thank you all so much in advance if you can help me out on this. Cheers!
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