Witch TV show is the best Research.PLEASE COMMENT!!!

December 10, 2010 3:21pm CST
Hay guys im duing a research about TV shows The shows are 1.The Big Bang Theory. 2.How I Met Your Mother. 3.Two And A Half man. 4.Gossip Girl. 5.Glee. 6.Desperate Housewives. 7.Jackass the Research is like this im trying to find out witch TV show most people watch of these 7 i just named please comment and tell me what show you find the best when you comment just write the number like ( are all the TV shows my sister loves and she wants one season of one of these shows the show that wins this game is the one im going to give her for Christmas! please leave a comment
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12 Dec 10
Aw my favourites are not in the list :D I heard The Big Bang Theory is really hilarious, though I haven't seen it. Hope you will find the right one for your sister. :)
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12 Dec 10
thanks :P
12 Dec 10
I am, however, a fan of the House series and Criminal Minds! Used to be a CSI fan, but not anymore.
@leegrace (111)
30 May 12
Glee and How I Met Your Mother are my personal favorite. I am kinda bzy person and not be able to watch them on TV. But i never miss any chance to watch online here: http://www.edogo.com/