should we revealing HIV status?

December 10, 2010 9:46pm CST
not an easy thing when we have to make decision on this conditions. but envitably we alone must make decision in the face of this dilemma. when we are diagnosed HIV-positive, definitely will get a positive reaction and benefits from some, but there is also a disappoinment or even get worse than that. if you are one person who diagnosed HIV-positive, what would you do? will you reavealing your status?
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• India
11 Dec 10
Thats not true. You must not tell this to anyone because it make difference in the behaviour of others for you.
@livecenter (1138)
• Malaysia
11 Dec 10
I agree with you that it is not an easy thing...However, for the sake of all I think maybe those people should reveal their HIV status...Nevertheless, many bad things have happened around the world for they hide their HIV status...For example, the blood transfusion from those people will definitely be disastrous if the doctor is not aware of the condition of the people...