Subconsciously forget him,how can I do?

December 11, 2010 8:41am CST
I love a guy ,maybe not so much,since we broke up years ago. We broke up before we go to the college,it has been almost four years.I thought I am salready forget him.But I can't cheat myself anymore.I have been dream of him every month during this four years.And everytime I wake up,I feel so tired.I asked my friend how can this happened,she told me that I can't forget him in subconsciously.Is that true? I need help.I have knew him for almost ten years,we always be friends.But I need to forget him,and never dream of him.I should let it go and begin my life.Can you tell me what you do when you want to forget someone?Do you dreamed your ex ever?Is it normal? Please , give me some suggestions.
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• Singapore
12 Dec 10
I don't think it's anything strange to remember someone whom you have give your hearts to previously. The entanglement of love is not easily broken. This is especially true in the context of the proverb "absence makes the heart grown fonder". I don't think it's necessary for you to suppress your feelings and try hard to forget the person. Just let nature take its course. Sometimes, you can rekindle that love or you would meet someone better. Then you would able to forget most about that past relationship and move onto the new relationship.
• Philippines
11 Dec 10
maybe you had good times together before you were separated! that's part of happy ending based on my experience aslo! I felt that same way, too! What you can do for now is make yourself busy with different activities so that you will not be lonely thinking of him.
@AdalieM (1135)
• United States
11 Dec 10
I think is only normal for somebody to remember a love one I mean you guys have known each other for so long and is hard to forget about them. The best way for you to forget him is by telling yourself that is over and that you can't wait for somebody to be there for you the rest of your life, go out, spend sometime with your friends meet other people and let the healing process begin, don't live on the past.
@wizteen (505)
• India
11 Dec 10
the best way to forget him would be find someone better ! as you spend more time with someone else, have a good time with him, you will gradually forget him anyways .
• Philippines
11 Dec 10
The subconscious mind is hard to manipulate. You can't just forget him by telling yourself that you will. I suggest you incorporate something funny on that memory you have with him instead of forgetting him. Imagine him wearing a diaper or pigtails or both. That'll lessen the emotion. :)