My friend keep mess up his computer

United States
December 11, 2010 12:07pm CST
I don't know what he did with his computer. Although this computer is not a fancy computer, or brand new computer something like that. But he can still use it to download mp3 music, or do some regular browsing on the web. On every weekend, he just ask me to help him fix it up due to infection of virus. I did install some sort of virus protection program on his computer, but it seems not work so well for him. The ultimate method I have done for him just reinstall the Windows XP over and over again for him. I simply format the hard drive over and over again. Sometimes, I am getting tired of doing it, and hope that he would purchase a new computer.
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@bogodan (23)
• Romania
12 Dec 10
My uncle is 72 years old. he's single and he stay all day long on the computer and play chess or write. Sometimes he start to delete files. He's very creative, every time the deleted files are some system files and because he knows nothing about computers I can't suspect him of anything. I reinstall the system almost every month, I'm tired to tell him to not delete files, nothing works, every time he's succesful and I'm nervous.
• United States
12 Dec 10
My sister in law is the same way, as she drive me nuts every other day. She will call to say something is eating at her computer and yes I have to reformat over and over again. So I did put a virus protector as well, but I believe she still allows certain bad virus to download even though it prompts her not to..
• Bangladesh
11 Dec 10
You can use 'Dr. Web' anti-virus or use 'Panda Anti-virus'. These two anti-virus has also the resolving system for the infected files on your computer. I think it would be better for you. try it now!