Do you like phonezoo?

@o2bnocn (2895)
United States
December 11, 2010 1:58pm CST
I found a website called phonezoo that you can send free ring tones to your phone. They also have free photos and games. I haven't tried to send any of the games to my phone yet but I have the ring tones and photos. I use the photos as the background for my phone. You can even upload your own to phonezoo if you want. You have the option to share them with other people if you want. Honestly, I like this service and I'm not trying to complain. Although there aren't that many good ring tones. First of all I don't see that many ring tones and then there are a lot that I don't like. There are quite a few that are funny but realistically I don't know if I would use them as a ring tone. I tried to upload a few photos and ring tones myself and it got stuck on the uploading page. So I gave up trying to create my own ring tones and backgrounds for my phone. I'm glad this exist but would like better and more ring tones. Like I stated before I am not trying to complain. What do you think?
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