That Thing Called Love

December 11, 2010 9:47pm CST
Many think it is a cliche, but the topic about love sells, probably because most of us have had a personal encounter with it. We all have different comments about it, good or bad, depending on where this thing called love has taken us. Some of us are happy because of it, while there are also those who are in pain or bitter. One might speak of how deeply he or she is in love and how things are doing well for him or her, while there will always be those individuals who haven't been that lucky. It is then reasonable to not generalize when it comes to love because not everyone has experienced what some have. If things didn't work out well to some, it is unfair to say that it will not work for others as well. We are unique individuals and I believe that we do not have the same views and coping mechanisms. Just because there are those whose lives "suck" according to them, that does not mean that it has to be so with everyone else. So, yeah, love. Love when you can and savour the moment. Do not give your all, though. Leave some for yourself. If things don't go well, don't fret! You still have YOU. It might be tough to move forward, but as one of Leona Lewis' songs said, "it will all get better in time."
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