Practical or Frivolous?

December 12, 2010 12:57am CST
Generally speaking, when I receive a gift from someone, I'm the type of person who likes to get something practical; especially if it's something that I wouldn't otherwise be able to afford. A lot of women would balk at the idea of getting a vacuum cleaner as a birthday or Christmas gift, but to me it's an expensive item that always ends up on the back burner of things I need to buy for the house, so if someone were to get me one, I'd be really grateful as, that leaves me free to buy something more frivolous that I can have fun with. On the whole, are you the type that would rather receive a practical gift, or would you rather get something that is purely for fun and enjoyment? xoxo Cyne Don't forget to explore my profile for some fun videos.
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• Philippines
12 Dec 10
I'm practical too when it comes to expecting gifts. Lol. I'd rather recieve gifts that i can use everyday than gifts that i know i'd just leave around the room like an action figure or a display. Nice profile, btw. :)
• Canada
19 Dec 10
Yes I like things that I can use everyday, or almost everyday. Right now I have a Dyson vacuum cleaner on my wish list. One thing I don't like to receive are knick knacks. All you can do with those are put them on a shelf to collect dust. My fiancé loves to fill the tops of shelves, dressers and wall units with such things, and every time I have to do the dusting I curse him no end. not only do I have to move them in order to dust the shelf or whatever, I have to dust each piece as well. Another thing about getting these kinds of gifts is that more often than not they don't even suit my taste or my decor. A prime example of this is when I told my girlfriend that I was planning on taking up golf and for my birthday she bought me this hideous musical golfer water globe. It's so tacky, but how do you tell someone who obviously was thinking of you that you don't like that sort of thing? So, it sits on top of the wall unit as one more piece I have to dust. xoxo Cyne P.S. You have quite the profile yourself.