What gift will you give?

December 12, 2010 9:16am CST
What gift are you giving your friend this Christmas if you are tight on you budget? Gift ideas guys, I know what my friends want but still, I'm clueless about what i will give them. I want to give them something that they really like but i don't have much money, so what will I give instead?
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@elitess (5072)
• Ipswich, England
14 Dec 10
Hello dear mabel. You want to give them something they will like, while being on a tight budget - my advice would be to aim at sweets - something good, even if it is not very big, it is the thought that counts, and choosing quality over quantity should be preferred if you ask me. I hope this helps, Alex.
• Philippines
16 Dec 10
Uhm, maybe that will be nice. XD. A combination of chocolates and candies in a box with a nice and cute packaging/wrapper. It will be very good to look at underneath the Christmas trees (of my friends) XD. Very heplful, thanks!
• Ecuador
13 Dec 10
Give a wallet... or a cap, are good and cheap gifts. I would like that if someone gave me a cap of something I like. Also you can give earphones, is a good gift, and people are always buying a new pair, because earphones use to be short-live.
• Philippines
13 Dec 10
Those are great gifts for teens/youngsters. =D. Thanks. What else can you recommend if I'll be giving someone who is older?
• United States
12 Dec 10
I bought a bunch of bath and body items and I gave out some to each of my friends. I just put some in boxes for each of my friends. I think they will like it. I have two bath and body works bags to put stuff in for my daughter but I changed my mind about that. She hs far too much for Christmas I will gift the bag off goodies to my sister in law.
• Philippines
12 Dec 10
Bath and body items have nice packaging, right? It's so cool of you to give think of that gift. Now I have one item on my list. Those stuffs are also not so expensive, well, it depends on the brand. But, i know of quite a few brands in our place which are not so pricy. =D
@mamibevs (28)
• Philippines
21 Jan 11
hi , sending e-card or an e-mail is the best thing that your friend happy. Tell her how much important in your friendship. I have a best friend,were a distance but she still communicate her by e-mail and sending cards.