December 12, 2010 1:23pm CST
walls... blue...black...orange...red...white... whatever color the wall is, it won't change the fact that it is built not to affect one's mood, but to protect or to separate... to protect...either from the cold weather, heat, other external factors, as well as from the vulnerability of one's personality to hurt and be hurt... to separate...from the outside world...from the neighbors or other people in the area or place...as well as from those who has the power to sway us from our beliefs and determination to become stronger against all odds... as they say, sometimes, walls are built in order to know who are strong enough, and willful enough to break in there, just to be with us...
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@efendi62 (37)
• Indonesia
13 Dec 10
According to me, color can affect moods and even reflects the culture. House painting with unsuitable color to the occupants will not reflect a joy to them.
@buggles64 (2715)
• United States
12 Dec 10
Interesting theory, and probably a little bit of truth as well. I don't know about the colors though. There are warm colors, like blue and cold colors like black that really do affect the heat and mood in the room. Yellow walls will create a more active and noisy environment and purple walls a calming one.