What's your impressive book ?

@GBTing (14)
December 13, 2010 9:18am CST
Reading is talking with an author, is talking with a soul . Reading also plays a large role in the process of growing up ,for you might absorb much talent,encouragement and instruction from the book . Nowadays, some books which concern resloving some pratical problems such as how to make money or how to promote are more likely to become popular books .While some people are still inclined to maintain a peaceful mind with the help of reading . In your life , which book impresses you very much and has exerted a far-reaching influence ? Please share with people .
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@yumcookie (146)
• United States
13 Dec 10
I don't read much about theories and such. Sure I have text books but its not reading if I rather use the book as a pillow. As a writer and reader I find myself still tied to young-adult books, the fantasy of another world basically. My favorite book I have read to date is called Hawksong. Its a terrific book and part of a series, rather interesting if you find the time to look up on it.
@GBTing (14)
• China
14 Dec 10
Thanks for your respose and recommendation dear Yumcookie. I will be sure to read Hawksong IF I have leisure time . Actually I must read much about theories ,you know,those text book becasue my dream is being an economist one day .So my burden from now on is hard to imagion . But it is a process teeming with fruits and gains also . Good luck .