Is it just my browser or you guys are seeing it too??myLot's logo...

December 13, 2010 9:52am CST
has changed color from blue to you see it too?
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@inu1711 (5288)
• Romania
13 Dec 10
You are a good observant. I didn't ever noticed the change in myLot logo's color until I saw a discussion like yours. Today it was different, I opened my yahoo inbox first, and I saw the message that told me I received my payment from myLot. Then I told to myself: now I'm going to see a lot of discussions about the green color of the myLot logo! And I wasn't wrong, was I?
@mysdianait (64056)
• Italy
13 Dec 10
Sadly you were perfectly right!
@louievill (19345)
• Philippines
13 Dec 10
Yeah mine too, maybe more money is coming our way! "Green is the color of money"
@louievill (19345)
• Philippines
13 Dec 10
see my hunch was correct it means money
@dawnald (84146)
• Shingle Springs, California
15 Dec 10
No, it's blue.
• Singapore
14 Dec 10
Yea we are seeing it too. Don't worry, because every pay day, Mylot's logo will change from blue to green. That's the special feature of Mylot.
@wjack2010 (755)
13 Dec 10
Because it's payday!
@carolscash (9500)
• United States
13 Dec 10
Yes, the color has changed to green. I am glad to see someone say that they do that on payout day as I was hoping that we would get the money today. It is always nice to have money waiting for me.
@nicregi (1936)
• Malaysia
13 Dec 10
Yes. It is green now. I guess it could be...go green project? :) Well, maybe they plan to change it now and then. Making it more 'colourful'. Anyway, good to see a little changes!
@Suggar (3612)
• Bulgaria
13 Dec 10
I can't see the green logo and i don't know why, there is no color for me, may be i don't have the right program for seeing it But i know that when the logo is green, it's payment day, sooooo .... cheers to you guys! Have a nice time and nice spending with the earnings of mylot.