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December 13, 2010 5:15pm CST
Constitutionality. Our Government is operating way ourside of the Consitution these days . IT has taken on a life and goverance unto itself without regard for the power from which it derives it from; WE THE PEOPLE. The current operation of the Federal Government is dangerous for the people, the citizenry of this country. Steps were taken by several grass roots movements, the largest of which is the TEA Party. But we musn't forget all the other groups who worked diligently to make changes to the face of Congress. IT doesn't matter whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, what really matters is that Your representative conveys and votes the will of their constituents, otherwise Congress FAILS and so does the country. The next changes that need to be made will become extremely clear in the upcoming months. One of which is the president. He is inexperienced and has left this country in a fight for its life, and for its safety. We MUST be vigilant over the next 18 months or so and be sure to take on our Civic responsibility to get out and vote. Many people have been so brow beaten by the government that they actually fail to see that their vote DOES INFACT count. EACH single fote adds up to one side or the other. OF 300 million Eligible voters in this country, only 80 million decided t he election that won the White House for Obama. Sadly, there were still 3 times that amount that could have easily changed the course of the last election. People, WE THE PEOPLE, MUST TAKE BACK OUR GOVERNMENT AND RESTORE OUR GOVERNANCE TO CONSTITUTIONAL.
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@anniepa (27240)
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29 Dec 10
Much MORE sadly, far fewer than that decided this year's midterm elections. Thank God not all of the tea party candidates won or we'd see what "dangerous" is all about. "Senator Rand Paul" is scary enough, just think if there were also a "Senator Sharron Angle" and a "Senator Joe Miller"? We dodged a few bullets; let's hope WE THE PEOPLE work diligently to make sure we don't get hit the next time around. Annie
@ajett1 (65)
• United States
14 Dec 10
I agree I find it interesting that no one wants to talk about the fact that everyone in a country with a government run healthcare system that can afford to comes to this country to have voluntary procedures done you don't see anyone in america packing up and going to egypt to have their transplant done and it isn't because of lack of skilled doctors in those countries anyone who has ever stayed in a teaching hospital knows that we in america are teaching the whole worlds doctors I live in Alabama and have spent time at the UAB hospital on several occasions and every time there has been at least one resident who wasn't from this country, (I have no problem with that just mentioning it) but if everyone with the option in flying over here and paying out of pocket to have someone they don't know operate on them then how great and wonderful can the healthcare system be in their home country?