nicknames at school

December 13, 2010 10:30pm CST
We all know that the school is the second most influential institution in our lives. In school, we are expected to learn lessons, mingle and get along with other people (teachers, fellow students, friends and other acquaintances), form our characters and be prepared for the future. But before we even graduate, we have some unfortunate events that will test our character. As a form of bullying, students usually suffer being stereotyped and being called by an unflattering nickname. I was a victim of this and was called "tomato nose' because of the shape of my nose. I didn't retaliated publicly but I called the guy bullying me 'pork fat' inside my head. I guess that is my way of getting even though I did stoop in his level. Does anyone want to share their nicknames when they were in school?
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@peedielyn (1210)
• United States
14 Dec 10
My nickname in school was Peaches McGee. Not really sure why, but I had a friend who liked to call people "food names". We had a friend she called Cheesecake, and Cheese Burger and even one called Apple Pie. I don't really know why she called us by food names but mine stuck and every now and again, she will text me and say "How's my Peaches doing?" She was a sweet girl and still is, just weird I think.