Mona Lisa

December 14, 2010 4:11pm CST
Who here has heard about the Mona lisa! Apparently there are numbers writtens in her eyes, and numbers written on the bridge as well. Does anybody know what these numbers mean? Maybe a birthdate? What's your opinion
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@ilumpruj (11)
• Philippines
27 Dec 10
Id be interested to see these numbers, to see whether there were actual discernible numbers inside the representation of her eyes, or whether its just a case of apophenia. Furthermore,Da Vinci was a man of extraordinary talents, a jack of all trades, so if anyone was capable of leaving microscopic numerical coding, he could be your man. The numbers can mean anything, but in my opinion its all a coincidence since there haven't been any actual images to show to us here in the internet. Also, its impossible to write something microscopic. with oil paint at the time.
@katie0 (5212)
• Japan
16 Dec 10
yes i read that news i cant believe how much of a genious leonardo da vinci is, he was really ahead of his time and even now we are not as brilliant as he was