December 14, 2010 11:47pm CST
Which is good? Onbux or Neobux though i dont use onbux i use neobux only but i want to ask should i have to join onbux too. Do it pay us more than neobux or it is same as neobux only. if it pays more than neobux i will join onbux and delete my account from neobux. or can i join both sites at one time?
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@wonga94 (218)
• Singapore
15 Dec 10
Hi darapmonsta! I think that both are equally good only that onbux has more active rented referrals. Some people even said that onbux referrals might be using bots due to how active they are. I use neobux but have yet to get to my first minimum payout.
• India
15 Dec 10
made min. payout $1 on neobux but due to some reasons to not cash out it and been inactive there for almost one month then when i logged in they say your account is locked and you have to start again with zero wtf?
• Vietnam
16 Dec 10
In my opinion, Onbux's refs work better than those in Neobux !
@calpro (933)
• India
15 Dec 10
Hi I am a member of both neobux as well as onbux. But not yet cashed out as I have to still reach my minimum payout. You can join both as long as you are not investing any money from your pocket you are not going to lose anything just a little time. I suggest you to join both the sites. As onbux is now going some maintainance hope it should be back soon. Happy living Calpro
• Philippines
15 Dec 10
Hi Onbux is a better site. Neobux is a dump. If you don't plan to invest or reinvest at all. You can go with both, they both pay. If you want to earn more, Onbux will not scam you like Neobux does. In Onbux, everyday is profit day. You should try Onbux too, they really have better earning opportunity.