Supreme Justice? For whom?

@shattered (1731)
December 15, 2010 12:58am CST
Many threads have been started about the decision of the Supreme Court when Hubert Webb and his co-accused in the Vizconde massacre were acquitted by the Supreme Court. At the onset I would like to clarify that this is not about Hubert being guilty or not, This is about whether the Supreme Court decision was correct or not. The Supreme Court decision was correct. Again I am not saying that HUbert is innocent as I do not know the man. The Supreme Court decision was based on the trial conducted by the RTC of ParaƱaque. And the one at fault for this decision is the RTC and the prosecutions decisions to railroad the hearing of the case. They were building their case on the media without presenting the correct evidence. In a sense, it is the fault of Lauro Vizconde and his legal team. I decided to write an article on this and will expound on the case there. I would just like to say that the prosecution in their haste, have doomed their cased and the Supreme Court had no choice but to acquit Webb and his co-accused. Again, why blame the Justice system? This time the system worked exactly like it should, but the human error of the prosecution led to the acquittal of the accused? Is Hubert guilty? We will never know due to the failure of the prosecution.
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