What is the Illuminati?

@livre1 (34)
December 15, 2010 1:05am CST
What is Illuminati? What to do? What are your goals? The known members? The link with some new age?
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@tck_01 (97)
15 Dec 10
The illuminati is a fictional sect invented by Dan Brown in the Davinci Code. They don't really exist. According to Dan Brown, they are an organization of catholics who don't respect their religion. There are catholic priests, the pope and artists including davinci who are members of this sect. They have a lot of bad rituals and things like that. But they don't really exist...
@livre1 (34)
• Brazil
15 Dec 10
I've heard about IIIuminati some time, but not against a good test to see that they exist. Searching, you talk about the book Angels and Demons? I like to look over, and yet not know whether true or not. Also, my curiosity has something to do with new age. Thanks for your opinion.
@katie0 (5212)
• Japan
3 Mar 11
They would be a secret society that deals with the occult and there are rumors about how they do human sacrifice each year too. They want to create the New World Order and make Earth be governed by only one governament.