If you knew you're his 'only one', would you let him be with others as well?

December 15, 2010 1:19am CST
Boyfriends that can't really stick to just one girl are not that rare.. but we also don't want them to lie to us. So if you knew that no matter what, no matter if he's also seeing other girls, in other words have an open relationship, would you accept that? would you accept him not lying anymore, but telling the harmful truth? Ya know it's weird how we always say 'don't lie to me', but there are actually times when we wish we didn't knew certain things...
2 responses
• Bangladesh
15 Dec 10
Girlfriend are always think about that their boyfriends are telling lie. its simple. But when a boy friend is proved one times to you that he telling the truth it should not be doubt with him anymore and ever. If you believe that you are his only one, then let him be the only one to you. otherwise you could be as usual like others to him. very simple!
• India
15 Dec 10
See the thing is that you dont wanna lose ur luv so u cant see him with any of the other girls ...but if u trust him then i think u should not have any problem with it...