Miss mylotting

@SIMPLYD (85104)
December 15, 2010 3:08am CST
Hi Guys, I went to our Head office's place last Saturday night and have just arrived yesterday. We attended our Corporate Christmas party at the hotel , our company's owner has acquired. We, employees from the provinces were housed in the said hotel and i was so happy to have experienced staying in our company's hotel. The hotel was so luxurious , the foods were delicious and the party we attended was a nice one. However, i missed mylotting ! So, today i am once again mylotting and was happy that a discussion i started last Saturday have been responded a lot. That's what makes me enjoy mylotting! A discussion started with lots of responses! It inspires me to start more discussions and await if it will be a hit discussion with mylotters! Do you feel the same too?
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