How can you know all thoughts if some have about 12,000 - 65,000 per day?

December 15, 2010 6:26am CST
Do you know what you think about all the time? How can we know what our subconscious is telling us? Everyone obviously knows their conscious thoughts but what is really deep down they do not know about? This could be a thought that came at a young age they may not realise they have and could produce events that happen in their lives they believed they had no control over. Or did they? What do you think? Is there anything that has happened to anybody they believed happened because of a subconscious thought? Is there someone you know that you thought about was annoying, moody or odd but realised that thought mirrored you?
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@CJscott (4184)
• Canada
31 Dec 10
Anyone can take the time to examine their thoughts each day, If they choose to. Our subconscious helps us to analyse our surroundings through our five senses, and over time, builds believes based on the events in our lives. Sometimes we are aware of what forms these believes, such as, "Crowds are scary, because they squish and push me" Other times we do NOT know what forms the believes unless we take the time to examine the belief, and think about events in our lives that could have caused such a belief. Many times you will see in your life, that what you say or do, isn't what the person your dealing with thinks you said or did, or they will put a different meaning to your words or actions. This is a belief based on a subconscious thought. People mirror behaviours with some frequency that is why if you are looking to improve your life, you are encouraged to seek out those you want to be like and emulate them, rather then people you currently hang out with. Sincerely and With Appreciation.