Learning is Good

December 15, 2010 6:39am CST
Learning is good and you never do stop learning. I think it is good brain exercise. I would love to learn more about brain power and have big interest in the subconscious mind. This may be because I am currently trying to start up my own business. Also psychology is a good subject too. How can anyone know what our subconscious tells us? I may have a rough idea but I am not exactly that sure. I can have all the good thoughts in my conscious brain but I have no idea about my subconscious and this is the most dangerous bit as it is the subconscious that usually have the affects of what happens. I would love to learn how to speak fluently in French, German and Greek and have no idea where to get good CDs and books. I tried a language home study course and found it so hard. I find that when I was in school I enjoyed doing role plays and practising what we learnt like this. I remember doing a Greek evening class and I was quite disappointed with the results of what I learnt there. So this did not work for me that well either. I find copying stuff out of books which I did on my home CD and book course was the least effective learning method. I am not sure how to remember the stuff more effectively though. Any ideas anyone?
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@dodo19 (33052)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
17 Dec 10
It is very true that learning is good for you. I definitely enoy learning, and I certainly don't plan on stopping at any point. I hope to be able to learn something new everyday, as often as I can.
30 Dec 10
Yes it is true that learning is good for you. It keeps the brain active as well. You never stop learning until you die. It is probably best to keep learning as much as you can in life, as much as you want. Learn something new each day - now that is a good thing to do. Keep it up! I will try this too.
@lkbooi (16101)
• Malaysia
2 Jan 11
Hi shiningstar1, I have great interest in learning whatever which I'm interested as well as it is practical in daily life. Yeah, keep learning new thing is really a very good activity to exercise our brain. hoping that doing so frequently would keep me away from being a dementia when aging. I have things and in certain aspects to learn and to bear in mind daily. It doesn't matter how much I could acquire but I believe every day a little would make a miracle for sure I'm a slow learner and it's impossible for me to learn and keep what I I have learned firmly in mind. I like to learn and acquire new knowledge, info, technique a little daily gradually. It's fun learning new thing in such relaxing way Have a nice day and happy posting!
@angeline1 (146)
15 Dec 10
Never stop learning.Everyday is a learning experience for a person.I love to learn more each day.I am very conscious about everything.I read the newspapers,magazines and the internet everyday.I also watch TV for news.I would love also to speak other languages like you.
• India
15 Dec 10
helo shiningstar 1 what u mentioned in your discussion regarding learning is 100 percent true. we should not stop learning in our life. learn learn and learn. make others to learn. this is a good habits to be followed by everyone to make their life healthy. actually i do not know anything about online earning some days before but now i earned some amount here. thats because i learn from here. so if i show lazyness in learning possible i wont earn anything. at start it may show some trouble sitting at one place to concentrating to learn but if you adjust that moment and learn then one feel some good feeling as they gained some knowledge. thanks for your discussion regarding this topic