to make a person pretty

December 15, 2010 9:09am CST
some girls loves to wear make ups even they dont need to wear any because they are beautiful. is using make up makes us more prettier and more attractive?
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@mikyle (45)
• Philippines
17 Dec 10
I am such a pale girl so for me make up do helps. I really think make up can enhance our features but overdoing is a major no-no. I personally love buying and collecting them. :) I do envy girls who doesn't need to wear make I wish I can be like them..:P
@vjenkins86 (1478)
• United States
15 Dec 10
To me it depends on the girl and how she puts on makeup. There are some naturally beautiful girls who really don't need make up, then there are some who could use a little help- color on the cheeks, powder to even their skin tone, etc.. When it comes to makeup, I always believed in "less is more" especially during the day. You don't want to look like you're wearing stage makeup- heavy, overly done. Plus, the more makeup you put on your face, the more your pores get clogged up and stretched then you have all these blemishes that you want to cover up so you put more makeup on and it becomes a never ending cycle. I personally only use powder and lip gloss during the day and at night I might put something on my eyes.
• Philippines
15 Dec 10
Make ups can really enhance the appearance of a woman. It adds color to your face. But for me the true measure of a woman's beauty is the purity of her heart. :)